Screenshot of CloudsRAID


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Screenshot of CloudsRAID

Main Window.

The main window that lists all the tasks.

Main Window

Task Preview.

Show the preview of the task, that you can modify and confirm the synchronization action, and start the synchronization.

Task Preview

Task Wizard - General Setting.

Setup two folders for backup or synchronization.

Task General

Setup the folder of RAID5 of multiple cloud storages.

RAID Folder

Setup the folder of a local folder.

local folder

Task Wizard - Setup the filter setting.

Include or exclude folders.

Include of exclude setting

Filter files by extensions and timestamp.

Filter file by extensions and timestamp

Task Wizard - Compress and encryption.

Setup the options to compress and encrypt the files.

compress and encryption

Task Wizard - Schedule to auto-run.

Setup the schedule to backup and synchronize file automatically.


Task Wizard - Other options.

There are other options, such as backup deleted or overwritten files, copy opened or locked file by VSS, log setting to report the result by email, run another task after this task, etc.