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3 big reasons why you should use CloudsRAID.

  1. CloudsRAID protects your data.
    CloudsRAID distributes encrypted files to multiple cloud storages as a RAID5 system. Not other software in this world can protect you data like CloudsRAID!
  2. CloudsRAID saves your money.
    If you use business cloud-storage services, they charge you according to the space that you are using. CloudsRAID compresses files before uploading to the cloud storage. CloudsRAID can also exclude unnecessary folders and file types from the backup. CloudsRAID may save upto 80% of your money!
  3. CloudsRAID saves your time.
    CloudsRAID detects changed files between two times of backup, and only backups changed files only. This reduces the time of backup and network traffic.

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Price List and Volume Discount Rate

Price List and Volume Discount Rate
Quantity Discount
1   US$30.00
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31~40 37.00% off US$18.90 US$50.40 US$138.60 US$378.00
41~50 41.00% off US$17.70 US$47.20 US$129.80 US$354.00
51~60 45.00% off US$16.50 US$44.00 US$121.00 US$330.00
61~70 49.00% off US$15.30 US$40.80 US$112.20 US$306.00
71~80 53.00% off US$14.10 US$37.60 US$103.40 US$282.00
81~90 57.00% off US$12.90 US$34.40 US$94.60 US$258.00
91~100 61.00% off US$11.70 US$31.20 US$85.80 US$234.00
101~200 65.00% off US$10.50 US$28.00 US$77.00 US$210.00
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